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Why Should I Choose Young Living Essential Oils?

Essential Oils have become very popular lately, with more people looking for alternatives to chemicals for their home and lifestyle. If you have heard anything about oils, it has probably been from more than one source, or heard about more than one company that sells them. Well, let me tell you, not all Essential Oils are equal. Did you know that any company can label their Essential Oil as “Pure Essential Oil”, while only requiring that 10% be pure oil? The other 90% can be made up with chemicals and fillers. Yuck! That defeats the purpose of using oils to get away from the chemicals! 😦 This is the main reason why I only trust Young Living to get 100% Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils. This means that their oils are just that, 100% pure oil. No fillers, no other additives or chemicals mixed in. Check out this Purity Pyramid to explain the difference of quality visually:

Purity Pyramid graphic version2

Ok, so now that you know Young Living Essential Oils are the most pure, best quality oil out there, why else should you use them instead of other companies? I can give you a list of 10 reasons why!

10 reasons to choose YL graphic

Did you notice #3? What is the Seed to Seal Guarantee? Check out this website that explains exactly what it is! What other company can give you that peace of mind with their products? Not many!

Now you have all the information! Are you ready to begin your oily journey to wellness with an awesome company? Click on over here to get your own Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit!


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