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Cooking with Essential Oils

Have you ever tried using Essential Oils while cooking? I love using oils like Lemon, Lime and Orange in cooking, especially when it is combined with other fresh ingredients to make a yummy guacamole or salsa! It is easier than ever now to know exactly which oils you can ingest and add to your recipes with Young Living’s new Vitality Oils collection. These oils include the same exact oils as before, but are labeled as dietary. Just look for the white-colored Vitality label!

Check out this recipe below from My Oily Kitchen to see how you can start using Essential Oils in your recipes!

*I only trust Young Living Essential Oils for using in cooking because of their Seed to Seal Promise. Find out more here.

My Oily Kitchen: Fruity Avocado Salsa featuring Young Living’s Vitality line of essential oils.

Source: My Oily Kitchen: Fruity Avocado Salsa


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Try DIY Tuesday: Roll-On Sinus Buster!

Roll On Sinus Buster graphic

I have to say, this specific combination of oils is what totally convinced me that Essential Oils are the real deal! When I first learned about Young Living at an Essential Oils 101 class, I learned many uses for the oils that come in the Premium Starter Kit, but this combination was most interesting to me- Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. The magical combination of these three, applied to your sinus areas on your face, as well as the back of your neck help with healthy sinus and nasal passage function during those trying times of year.

Here is a little more about each oil and what they can do:

  • Lemon includes naturally occuring constituent limonene (look up limonene in a Google search and read about how amazing it is for our bodies!). Lemon contains D-limonene, an antioxidant that has been linked to healthy immune system function.
  • Lavender is the “Swiss Army Knife” of Essential Oils and has at least 1000 uses! Adding it to lemon and peppermint just makes it all the better. Fun fact: Lavender can make a refreshing nasal irrigation rinse!
  • Peppermint supports focus and healthy cognitive function, supports the body’s ability to regulate it’s natural immune response, and supports the body’s respiratory system.

After I tried it for myself, I was amazed at how fast the oils work, as well as how long the effects of the oils last! Prior to using oils, I was stuck using traditional treatments to combat my sinus irritations every single day, and not just during the bad times of the year. After finding this oil blend, I have found success using safe, natural, plant-based oils that give me the relief I needed, AND I felt alert and ready for the day- I haven’t looked back since! Continue reading

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Plant-Based Cleaning with Essential Oils!

Updated LeatherSome people might not know this, but Young Living Essential Oils are not just great for supporting your whole body and its different systems, but they are great for using in natural cleaning products for your home! I am all about finding a natural way to clean my house, especially one that doesn’t leave me with a headache and that lingering harsh smell! I also think it is very important to use as little chemicals around the house as possible, with small children and pets running around. One of the cleaning recipes that I recently found was one for cleaning and moisturizing leather. Continue reading

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Lavender: The Swiss Army Knife of Oils

Lavender graphic newOne of the oils that come in the Everyday Oils kit from Young Living is Lavender. It is one of the most popular because it is very versatile and can be used for sooooo many different things, which is why it is known as the Swiss Army Knife of oils! Not only does it smell great, Lavender can be used to help get a great night’s sleep, soothe minor skin irritations, helps support the respiratory system, and so many other things! There are a few things I used Lavender for when I first received my Premium Starter Kit that really “sold” me on Essential Oils. I was convinced that they worked and were amazing after I attended a class about them, but these results gave me hard evidence they work! Continue reading