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Friday Fitness Day!

Ok people- how many of you made New Year’s resolutions to get healthier this year? How many of you have stuck to your resolution so far? 😉

I know it is very hard to stick to a strict diet and exercise plan, but what if you could get healthier without even worrying about that part first?

If you haven’t experienced the world of Essential Oils yet, you are definitely missing out. First of all, read here to find out all the benefits of oils for your overall health and well-being. It is amazing what one drop of oil taken from a plant can do for us! And the best part is the oils are completely natural and straight from plants, nothing else added! Young Living Essential Oils has their Seed to Seal promise (read more about it here) that basically guarantees that nothing else ever gets added to the oils after they are pressed or distilled from the plant. This is why they are the only company I trust to get my Essential Oils from. 🙂

So, if you haven’t gotten your oils yet, and you are totally ready, this month is the perfect time to start! Young Living is offering a promotion for this month only where you can buy a Premium Starter Kit for 10% off! Awesome!


Ok, now onto the Friday Fitness part. If you have already started using oils and are loving it, did you know that oils are great to use before, during, and after physical activity? For example, RC is great to rub a few drops on the chest and back of neck before activity to help keep you motivated for your workout. During your workout, maybe add a drop of Peppermint oil to your water for an extra burst of alertness. After, roll on some Deep Relief for those hard-worked muscles, or even some refreshing Cool Azul gel!

I just found out about a new product Young Living offers. It is perfect for those of you who are either already workout buffs and going to the gym every day, or those of you who are just starting! It is called the Active & Fit Kit, and it is a small kit made to take with you wherever you are getting active. It includes:

• Nylon carrying case with seven interior mesh pockets for five essential oil bottles, one Slique Bar, and one tube of NingXia Nitro; an exterior pocket; and a carabiner for easy attachment to any gym bag

• Cool Azul™ Sports Gel, 3.4 oz.

• Deep Relief™ essential oil blend, 5 ml

• R.C.™ essential oil blend, 5 ml

• Thieves® essential oil blend, 5 ml

• Copaiba essential oil, 5 ml

• Peppermint essential oil, 5 ml

• 3 AromaGlide® roller fitments

• Product information card

I love the case because it holds all the oils that you might use when working out, and it clips right onto your bag or even onto a belt loop. Now you don’t have to worry about leaving your oils at home when you go to workout! The product number is 5502, and you can order through your Virtual Office. I am totally putting this one on my next Essential Rewards order!!

Leave me a comment on how you use Essential Oils before, during, or after physical activity! 😀


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December FREE STUFF!

Each month, Young Living offers free items you can receive with your order, just by ordering the stuff you would usually get! They have different rewards each month, and for the rest of 2015, one of the free things offered each month will be a 15ml bottle of oil!! I know I am a little late this month posting about the rewards, but this month has got to be the best free gift I have seen yet- you can get 2 bottles of oil, 30 ER points, AND an Everyday Oils Collection!!!!!!! This is the same set of oils that you got in your Premium Starter Kit! WOW!!! The total value of this month’s 300 PV promotion is over $250! Why not replace some of your oils you have used up, buy a few gifts, try a new supplement, and before you know it, you will get back almost as much as you have spent in FREE oils!!! I am so excited about this month’s promotion! You might want to hurry and place your order, because one of the items that was offered at the beginning of the month as part of the promotion has already ran out, so it was replaced with the 30 ER points. Don’t wait until the Everyday Oils kit is gone, too! :O


The gifts you will get with your order depend on how much PV you order each month. PV stands for Product Volume. Each item Young Living sells has a PV. The item’s PV is usually equivalent to the dollar amount of the item if it is a consumable (like oils or lotions). Some things have less PV than dollar amount, like diffusers. When you are viewing an item on the website, or in the product guide, the PV for each item is listed by the price. The free rewards items you can get each month start when your order is 190 PV. For me, this is not very hard to reach! :DThe reward tiers are 190, 250, and 300 PV. Sometimes the value of the rewards is over $100!!!!! When you place your order, the rewards you qualify for will automatically be added to your order, you do not need to add them to your cart, or put in any codes. You are also eligible to earn the rewards both using the Quick Order or Essential Rewards ordering! It’s that easy! Did I mention I love free stuff?

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2015 Holiday Catalog- Start Shopping Now and Get FREE STUFF!

Did you know that Young Living sells more than Essential Oils? They have over 200 products in their catalog, including vitamins, supplements, skincare products, healthy snacks, even pots and pans! Crazy, I know! Young Living is a company that believes in overall wellness, and all of these products contribute to that. Why not replace the products you normally buy at the drugstore or big box store with all-natural products, and earn points towards FREE STUFF??

How do you get free stuff? It’s as easy as ordering every month. All you have to do is sign up for the Essential Rewards prER graphicogram. There is a link in your Virtual Office called “Essential Rewards” where you can sign up. There are no fees, no strings attached. The only requirements to be part of this great program is that you need to order at least 50 PV (point value, usually equivalent to $50) per month. That’s it! You are allowed one skip month per year, otherwise you need to order every month to keep your accumulated points, and if for any reason you need to cancel your
enrollment, you can with no questions asked.

Essential Rewards gets you reduced shipping prices, which is awesome.  But, the best part is that you accumulate points from day 1 of signing up. For the first 6 months you are enrolled in ER, you earn 10% back of your total order in points, which you can redeem dollar for dollar for free products of your choice! The percentage back increases the longer you stay in the program, up to 20% back! If you are starting to replace some of those oils in your Starter Kit that have run out, or maybe you are wanting to try new products, you will want to be signed up for Essential Rewards, I promise! Just the savings on shipping alone was enough to convince me! 🙂

But wait, there’s more! Every month, Young Living offers special promotions for people who place an order of a certain PV. There are three levels of rewards, starting at 190 PV. Each month I will post the promotions so you will know exactly what you can get with your order.  You can see October’s rewards here.  These extra free items are in addition to earning your cash back points! Let me tell you, if there was any month to sign up for Essential Rewards and make a larger order, it is this month! Who needs another diffuser? Everyone! You can get one FREE this month! See the details on the October Rewards page.

Don’t think you can find enough items to make an order that big? How about starting your Holiday gift shopping now? Every year I say that I am going to get all my shopping done early so I am not going crazy in the middle of
December fighting the crowds for last-minute gifts. Now you can do your shopping from home, at your computer, while earning free stuff for doing it. It’s a win-win! Young Living just released their special Holiday Catalog for 2015, and most of the items are only available while supplies last and for the Holiday season only. There are lots of great gifts for everyone on your list, including pets, and come ready to give! Check out the online 2015 Holiday Catalog HERE and sign up for ER before you place that order! Happy Shopping! 😀

photo credit: someecards.com

photo credit: someecards.com