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I Want My Own Essential Oils!!

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So you have learned enough about Essential Oils to know that you need to get some? Great! I can tell you exactly how to do that, and how to get the best price when doing it!

The best way to get started using Young Living Essential Oils is by signing up for a wholesale membership. All this means is that once you purchase your Premium Starter Kit, you will receive 24% off the retail price of anything else you purchase from Young Living for LIFE! Ahhh but there must be some catch, you say. Nope, no catch! The only requirement to maintain your wholesale membership is to purchase at least 50 PV (about $50) worth of product per year. That’s it! You don’t have to sell anything, you don’t have to buy certain items, or spend money each month! If you never order anything again after your starter kit, the membership just goes away after the year is up- no strings attached. Compare this to a Costco membership- you pay the membership fee, and then you are allowed to shop there and get great deals, while paying the membership renewal fee each year. With Young Living, you “pay” that membership fee once by purchasing your Premium Starter Kit, then enjoy the discounts forever while getting great deals and never paying another fee!

OK! So now that you are ready to sign up for your wholesale membership, you probably want to know how to do that, and what do I get? Well, this is the fun part. The most popular way (and what I recommend) to start your membership is by getting the Premium Starter Kit. This kit has everything you need to start achieving overall health and wellness! It includes 11 of the most popular Essential Oils, your choice of four different diffuser models, sample oil sachets, 10 empty sample bottles, a rollerball top, two packets of NingXia Red drink and lots of great literature! The best part about it is you can have the entire kit for just $160! This is over $100 savings compared to purchasing the products at retail price!new psk graphic2

If you would like to know more about how to use the oils in the Premium Starter Kit, and what each oil is great for, click here for a great online booklet.

There are two other Premium Starter Kits available that will still give you access to the wholesale membership and 24% off retail prices, even if you are not quite ready to try out the Essential Oils. You could start your Young Living journey by trying out their plant-based cleaning and personal care products with a Thieves Premium Starter Kit, or maybe you would like to achieve overall health and wellness in liquid form by trying out the NingXia Red Premium Starter Kit. Each of these alternative kits comes with oil samples and lots of literature.

Choose your PSK

That’s it! You have all the important info and inside tips you need to know. All you have to do now is follow the simple steps below and congratulate yourself for taking the first steps to improve you and your family’s overall health and wellness! 😀

1. Click here to open the link to the Young Living Member Signup page.

2. Choose your membership:

  • Wholesale Member will already be checked. This gets you 24% off all additional orders after signing up with a stater kit, as well as the opportunity to participate in the compensation plan to earn commissions from sharing with others; as well as the opportunity to sign up for Young Living’s “frequent flyer club” Essential Rewards, where you can get discounts on shipping and earn points towards free products! I definitely recommend choosing this option, it is the best value!
  • Retail Members will not receive any discounts on products and will be able to order anything from Young Living at the retail price. They will not have access to the compensation plan, or the Essential Rewards program, but are not required to purchase a starter kit.

3. Membership Details: My special member number should already be filled in the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID boxes. This gives me access to your information so I can help you through your oily journey! I can give you access to special Facebook groups and help you with any questions you might have, as well as helping you participate in the compensation plan if you are interested! If for some reason, this number is blank, PLEASE contact me and I will fix this!

4. Select your country and language, and hit the “next” button.

5. Membership Information: fill out your name, address, phone number and email address. You will want to leave the “receive email communication” button to ON, because you will get important information and notices from Young Living. They will never send SPAM emails, only important stuff.

6. Sign-In Information: create a username, password and PIN number. You will use the username and password to sign in to your account to view your account information, place orders, view status of past orders, and more. The PIN number will be used when you contact customer service, or use the customer chat function of the website.

7. Tax Information: Select either Individual or Business and then enter either your SSN (Tax ID Number) or your Business Tax Identification Number. Why do they need this information, you may ask? Even if you do not plan on ever participating in the compensation plan, or starting your own business sharing Young Living, you might share how much you are loving your new oils, and have a few friends that want to sign up for their own starter kits. By you referring these people to get their kits, Young Living will give you a thank-you bonus of $50 each. This can add up fast, and according to IRS tax laws, Young Living is required to send a 1099 tax form to any person receiving compensation over a certain amount. Young Living will never use or distribute your SSN or Tax ID number for any reason other than this.

8. Terms and Conditions: Please read these and check the box. Hit the “Agree and Continue” button.

9. Choose Your Starter Kit:

  • Premium (already checked): This kit is the most popular starter kit from Young Living because it gives you the most bang for your buck, the biggest discount. You get 11 oils, a diffuser (worth over $100 by itself!), samples of oils and NingXia Red, and more! Choose either the Home, DewDrop, Bamboo, or Aria Diffuser.(Additional charge for Bamboo or Aria Diffuser option)
  • Basic: This kit only includes one oil and the samples you get with the Premium kit.
  • There are other options for starter kits you can choose from that don’t include oils, such as the NingXia Red kit or Thieves kit. There are also kit options if you live outside of the U.S. or on a military base.

10. Essential Rewards: This is Young Living’s equivalent to a frequent flyer program. When you sign up for Essential Rewards, you are committing only to purchasing 50PV (point value) in products each month. Most consumables like oils and supplements have a PV the same as the dollar amount they cost. Diffusers have less PV. There is no membership fees or stipulations, and can be cancelled at any time by contacting customer service. By signing up for Essential Rewards, you can get great shipping discounts compared to the regular shipping costs. The best part about Essential Rewards is thaqt you can earn up to 20% of your purchases back in points to get free stuff! YAY! Who doesn’t want free stuff? You can always sign up for Essential Rewards later, but if you see yourself ordering more oils and products right away after your starter kit, this is definitely the way to go! 🙂

11. At this point, you can choose to either add an Essential Rewards Kit to your order (if you are signing up for ER) or even add additional products to your order, like more oils or supplements. When you are ready, click the “Enrollment Checkout” button.

12. Shipping/Billing Information: Pick your shipping method, usually FedEx Ground is the cheapest, and turnaround time is approximately 1 week, depending on your location. Enter your shipping and billing addresses and your credit card information. Click “Next”.

That’s it! Once you hit that “Next” button, your order will be processed and your account is now set up! You will get an order confirmation email, as well as an email when your order ships, with a tracking number. I will receive notification at the same time that you have signed up under my member number, showing your name and email, so that I can contact you to welcome you to my group and answer any questions you might have, let you know when my next Essential Oils 101 class will be, and also send you some bonus free goodies!


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