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Try DIY Tuesday: Easiest-Ever All Purpose Plant-Based Household Cleaner!


Ok, people. Today’s DIY is for those who mean well, they really want to make their own cleaning and skin care products but just don’t have time, energy, or the pure get up and go to do crafty projects. You know who you are! 😉 Well, trust me, it can’t get any easier than this. If you do only one DIY project in your entire life, THIS IS THE ONE!!!!

How would you like to have a multi-purpose cleaner, one that is completely plant-based, safe for the whole family to use, has a light, spicy scent (I think it smells like Christmas!), and only costs about $.66 per bottle?? I know I did! And that is why the Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner concentrate was the first thing I ordered from Young Living after my Premium Starter Kit! This Cleaner uses 100% plant-based ingredients along with Young Living’s Thieves Essential Oil Blend and Lemon Essential Oil to give you a powerful but natural way to clean your entire house. When I heard about this product, I was very excited to try it because I am trying to eliminate the harsh chemicals from my cleaning regimen. After using it, I am constantly telling everyone else they need to get some! There is no residue left on surfaces, it eats away at grease and soap scum, removes set-in stains, all with a light scent that dissipates quickly, and all you have to do is mix it with water!

First I will give you the how-to directions, and then break down the cost details.
Thieves cleaner graphic

Thieves Household Cleaner Spray- Medium Degreasing/Everyday Household Use Dilution

You will need:

  • One clean spray bottle, at least 20 oz. size (I got mine at the Dollar store for $1!)
  • Filtered Water
  • Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate

To make one bottle of cleaner for most everyday cleaning needs, I use the 30:1 solution dilution, according to the back of the concentrate bottle. So basically, all the measuring can be done just by using the Thieves Cleaner cap. Pour 1 capful of cleaner concentrate into your spray bottle, and then fill the rest of the bottle with 30 capfuls of water. If you don’t want to sit there and measure out capful by capful, you can just pour in 1 7/8 cups of water to your one capful (equivalent to 1 tablespoon) of concentrate. Screw on your spray bottle top, and start cleaning your entire house! Even the kids can help you clean because the concentrate is completely plant-based! I use this mixture on my counter tops (granite and laminate), high chair, tile floors, stove top, mirrors, even on light carpet stains!

Cost Details Breakdown:

The cheapest way to make your household cleaner is by getting the 64 ounce bottle of Thieves Cleaner Concentrate, and buying it at wholesale price. There is a smaller bottle of concentrate available, if you would like to try it out first before committing to a larger bottle, but of course the price per bottle goes up because the smaller bottle is higher in price per ounce.

I calculated the price per bottle of concentrate mixed with water by the most common dilution that can be used for almost all normal household cleaning, 30:1. One capful of concentrate= 1 tablespoon. To make a 16 oz. bottle of cleaner, you need 1 capful (1 tablespoon) concentrate. The 64 oz. bottle of concentrate is equivalent to 128 tablespoons. That makes 128-16oz.. bottles of household cleaner! The 64 oz. bottle of concentrate is $85.25 at wholesale pricing, so if you divide that by 128 bottles, it comes out to about $.66 per bottle of mixed cleaner! (The 14.4 oz. bottle of concentrate will make about 28 bottles at about $.79 per bottle, at wholesale pricing.) Of course, if you use a higher dilution ratio for your cleaning purposes, the cost goes down even more! Here are Young Living’s recommended solution dilution ratios:

Glass: 100 parts water to 1 part concentrate (6 1/4 cups water to 1 tablespoon concentrate)

Light Degreasing: 50 parts water to 1 part concentrate (3 1/8 cups water to 1 tablespoon concentrate)

Medium Degreasing/Most cleaning applications: 30 parts water to 1 part concentrate (1 7/8 cups water to 1 tablespoon concentrate)

Heavy Degreasing: 15 parts water to 1 part concentrate (1 cup water to 1 tablespoon concentrate)

I use one 16 oz. bottle per month on average, so at .$66 per month, I am only spending $7.92 per year on the majority of cleaning for my whole house! Compare that to the bleach-based cleaner I used to buy, at $2.78 per bottle for about the same size bottle. Crazy! Oh, and I didn’t even mention yet all the other things you can use the Thieves Concentrate for!! That will be a post for another time, but it includes carpets, sinks, hand soap, fruit and vegetables, and more! You can literally replace all the chemicals in your house with one bottle. If you would like to know the ingredients in the concentrate, here is a picture of the back of the bottle:


I bet the question you are asking now is, “How do I get some? How have I gone my whole adult life not knowing about this amazing product?”  You can buy the Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate at retail price, but why would you want to pay more than you need to? Just click on over here to learn why and how you can become a Young Living Wholesale Member, and never pay more than $.66 for your household cleaner again! 🙂


Author: Robin

Hello! I am a mommy to an adorable 3 year-old daughter and 9-month old son, and have been married to my High-School sweetheart for over 12 years! We live in toasty Arizona and have been here our whole lives (so we are used to the heat, LOL!) We are just getting started converting our chemical-filled household to all-natural, using Essential Oils! Come join me on this Oily journey!

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