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Vacation in a Bottle!


Are we glad it’s Friday, or what? Some weeks are just much more crazy than others, and the pressure builds up. Or sometimes you get that unexpected news that just ruins your day. Maybe the kids are just extra cranky and driving you crazy! Either way, wouldn’t it be nice to just escape to a deserted tropical island for a few hours? Enter Stress Away! Stress Away graphicThis amazing little bottle of goodness does exactly what it is called. All you need to do is take a sniff and you feel more calm. I can deal with anything, as long as I have a few drops of Stress Away on my wrists! Stress Away is a blend created by Young Living, and has notes of Lime and Vanilla in it, that’s why it reminds me of the tropics. Add a few drops of orange into your diffuser with the Stress Away, and your house will smell just like a Creamsicle! Love it! A few people have also told me that they use Stress Away to help get a restful night’s sleep- especially if you can’t turn off all those thoughts going through your head. One of the great things about Essential Oils is that they are safe to use on your pets as well. Do you have a dog who hates fireworks or thunderstorms? Try a little Stress Away rubbed down their back or on their ears!

Stress Away is the bonus oil you receive when signing up for one of the Premium Starter Kits from Young Living. This oil is in addition to the 10 Everyday Oils, along with all the other awesome stuff in the PSK! You are also able to order Stress Away in a roller-ball topped bottle. This makes it super easy to apply on the go when you need a moment! 😀


Author: Robin

Hello! I am a mommy to an adorable 3 year-old daughter and 9-month old son, and have been married to my High-School sweetheart for over 12 years! We live in toasty Arizona and have been here our whole lives (so we are used to the heat, LOL!) We are just getting started converting our chemical-filled household to all-natural, using Essential Oils! Come join me on this Oily journey!

5 thoughts on “Vacation in a Bottle!

  1. I love using Stress Away! I usually just need to smell it and that’s all it takes for me to feel less stressed.


  2. I love this one too. I tend to hold stress in my shoulders so I love rubbing it into my shoulder muscles and relaxing.


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