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Lavender: The Swiss Army Knife of Oils

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Lavender graphic newOne of the oils that come in the Everyday Oils kit from Young Living is Lavender. It is one of the most popular because it is very versatile and can be used for sooooo many different things, which is why it is known as the Swiss Army Knife of oils! Not only does it smell great, Lavender can be used to help get a great night’s sleep, soothe minor skin irritations, helps support the respiratory system, and so many other things! There are a few things I used Lavender for when I first received my Premium Starter Kit that really “sold” me on Essential Oils. I was convinced that they worked and were amazing after I attended a class about them, but these results gave me hard evidence they work!

1. My 16-month old daughter was having a lot of seasonal respiratory discomforts. Every night after going to bed, about 4-5 hours later, she would have coughing fits that would last about 30 minutes long. Never woke herself up, but just painful to listen to her, knowing she was not getting a restful sleep. The doctor told us that we could use some of the Vick’s VapoRub on her chest to help loosen everything up. Well, I got some, but when I read on the jar that it should not be used on children under 2, that made me very wary. A family member mentioned they had good results putting it on their kid’s feet at night. We tried this, and it worked great, but had to put my daughter in footie pajamas, so she would not be able to touch or rub the ointment off. The poor thing was probably getting pretty warm at night because if you know Arizona weather, even April is time for short sleeves at night! After going to the oils class, I learned that Lavender was great for using on kids because it is very gentle and does so many things! As soon as it came in the mail, I put a drop of Lavender on the bottom of my daughter’s feet, right before bed (sans footie jammies!). No coughing that night! Or the next, or the next, and so on! I was so happy that this issue was taken care of, not having to worry about dangerous chemicals seeping into her body!

2. Same daughter, different situation~ poor thing was getting her bottom molars in and was having a hard time. She was running a fever (which is a normal side effect of teething), not high-grade, but enough that makes you want to give her and over-the counter medicine to feel better. Probably around 100.0 degrees, if I remember right. I had been giving over-the-counter medicne and it was working, of course, but since she was not sick, just uncomfortable, I wanted to see if the Oily remedy would work. After the last round of medicine had worn off and the fever had come back, I rubbed her back with a mixture of about 1 teaspoon coconut oil and 1 or 2 drops Lavender oil. After 30 minutes, I checked her temperature, and it was down to 98.7 degrees! I couldn’t believe it! I kept checking her temp. every hour or so, and reapplied the mixture about 2 or 3 hours later to maintain the normal temp. After that first 30 minutes or so of the first application, the change in the way she was acting was enough to show me she felt better! 🙂

3.  Other great experiences with Lavender oil have included putting on minor skin irritations and having them heal WAY faster than without using anything, or with any other types of treatments.  I have also had immense relief and results using a combination of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oils to support the lungs and sinuses by diffusing and applying topically, as well as internally! No more over-the counter for me! 🙂

If you have had a great experience using Lavender Oil, leave a post in the comment section below, I love to hear other people’s stories! If you are interested in experiencing Lavender Oil for yourself and don’t have any yet, check out this post on how to get your own Premium Starter Kit!

***This post, along with every post on this blog is specifically pertaining to the use of 100% Therapeutic-Grade Young Living Essential Oils. Other brands might not be pure, therefore not meant for ingesting. Young Living Essential Oils are not sold at any health food stores, only by Young Living Distributors.


Author: Robin

Hello! I am a mommy to an adorable 3 year-old daughter and 9-month old son, and have been married to my High-School sweetheart for over 12 years! We live in toasty Arizona and have been here our whole lives (so we are used to the heat, LOL!) We are just getting started converting our chemical-filled household to all-natural, using Essential Oils! Come join me on this Oily journey!

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