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I keep hearing about these Essential Oils!

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So, lately I had been hearing a lot about Essential Oils. Sometimes on Facebook, a few times on some couponing emails I am subscribed to, and most recently from a family member. It sounded interesting, and from reading the testemonials about what things the oils had helped for these people I decided to check it out. I went to a Young Living “Essential Oils 101” class after hearing there would be snacks. Who can pass up free snacks? LOL! I brought my hubby along, partly to keep track of the baby and partly so he would know what was going on with these oils, too. Well, the information in this class was so compelling I kept talking about it afterwards and decided I better try some oils for myself. The next day, I signed up for a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living Essential Oils. By signing up as a wholesale member (kind of like a Costco membership), I was able to purchase the starter kit for only $150, which is over 50% off the retail price! You know I can’t pass up a good deal! 😛 This is what you get:

PSK graphicA lot of stuff! 11 different oils and the Home Diffuser, which the hubby really likes. So far we have tried all but one oil in the Starter Kit, along with some I ordered after getting the starter kit! These things are amazing! Keep tuned for all the ways we have used the oils!

*If you would like more information about Young Living Essential Oils or how you can get your Premium Starter Kit at wholesale price, please send me a message or click here to get started!


Author: Robin

Hello! I am a mommy to an adorable 3 year-old daughter and 9-month old son, and have been married to my High-School sweetheart for over 12 years! We live in toasty Arizona and have been here our whole lives (so we are used to the heat, LOL!) We are just getting started converting our chemical-filled household to all-natural, using Essential Oils! Come join me on this Oily journey!

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